GUNE develops their job within the scope of creating any type of corporative spaces. From the smallest and ephemeral ones to the largest and permanent. Our aim is to transmit, by special elements, the feeling and experience making the user or visitor to enjoy of the experience offered by this space.

Ephemeral Events of any kind of size, stands, seminars, congresses, exhibitions, festivities, concerts, press conferences, product presentations, shop windows ... all of them start from the same conception, to generate in the spectator/user an interrelation with the space in question.

Working Spaces, premises for hotel business and restaurants, urban or open air spaces... Also share this aim of transmitting values and sensations, in this case, in a permanent way.

Signal Codes and Identification as essential collaboration in the experience of those perceptions and in the improvement of the usage experience.

That is why GUNE deal with the three working areas related to the configuration of spaces. Because there are common elements to all of them, that allow making good use of the knowledge and experiences in a transverse and optimum way.

Because, for GUNE, the sensitiveness with the spaces and the significance of the corporative personality of the same are essential pieces, common to any other project of special communication.

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