The communication already covers all the imaginable applications. It is now some years
that the bi-dimensionality took a forward step to the three-dimensionality, providing the graphic
space aspect a vital importance when transmitting sensations and messages.

The environment is a key factor for the creation of atmospheres where the proper
development of the messages may be allowed.

GUNE have a large experience in the creation of ephemeral spaces capable
of touching and involving the participants with any kind of concepts.

GUNE's philosophy is based on putting together the best standard products in the
market with a very large range of solutions, made to measure. This enables meeting the adequate supports for any kind of need.

From the most modest presentation or press conference , up to a stand of large dimensions, getting through an exhibition, an international congress, a stage design for a big concert or the atmosphere for a festival to be celebrated at the street, everything is possible with the options offered by GUNE.

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